Senior Advertising Execs seek South Island marketing challenge.

Available: experienced advertising executives who have returned south for the lifestyle; happy to take on challenging marketing assignments. Quiz us. Put us to the test.


Need a South Island Advertising Agency?

With a combined 30+ years of advertising and e-commerce experience, we offer you decades of hands-on, practical planning and executing advertising, digital marketing and web-centric campaigns. We work for startups, service businesses, brands and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Digital advertising is our jam. We understand how to flow digital ads into lists and to quickly and efficiently set up and leverage online sales platforms that give you sales. We can help you understand your website visitors, and we’ll set up automated email and remarketing tactics that will encourage buyers to complete online transactions buying your products and services. Isn’t that what you really want?

The Patchwork founders are South Island locals, who left to study and then worked in the North Island and offshore, primarily in advertising agencies, in marketing roles, in digital marketing agencies, and with major ecommerce shops. We returned south to bring up family and enjoy a calmer relaxed lifestyle.

But we couldn’t stay away from getting our hands dirty with advertising and marketing strategies, running campaigns that sells stuff. It’s in our blood! So here we are, offering you ‘big agency’ expertise and online web/social leadership in a straight-up, no-frills, respectful manner. We have all the advanced online tools at our disposal and the knowledge to recommend, implement, execute, teach and support you.

Our knowledge and experience in consumer buyer behaviour, brand management, ecommerce (at the highest level), marketing trends, automated marketing platforms, practical design and development means we can quickly deliver a live solution at a great price. Over recent years, we’ve helped many businesses transform under performing sites to an all-out sales boom just by improving their online shopping experience and setting up some solid search advertising and re-marketing channels.

Advertising Strategists and Board Advisors

We are happy to assist in a mentorship or advisory role, to lead a strategic planning workshop or assist with top-level recommendations. We can critique proposals, internal plans or assist your directors or senior management team with strategic marketing advice. Please ask us for a resume.

Modern Advertising means Automated Online Ecommerce


If you are planning to leverage your brand by selling online, we can assist you to establish an ecommerce store, and automate communications within your sales funnel.   We recommend Klaviyo for email marketing and SMS marketing, and as a scalable ecommerce marketing support platform. We reckon there aren’t many agencies offering Klaviyo in the South Island (although a bunch will be searching it on Google when they read this!).  We are a certified Shopify Partner and can provide integration services to build an entire automated online sales pipeline for your business.

Klaviyo integrates with the leading ecommerce platforms and tools including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Stripe, and WooCommerce. It scales impressively with your growth and starting early can mean you fit within its ‘free’ entry level pricing category.

More broadly, our agency skills include idea generation, copywriting, long form copy, content marketing, email marketing and ad production. We can assist with advertising production to media specification, media planning and media placement, through third party accreditation.

Digital Advertising

We plan, design and produce digital campaigns to drive brand awareness, position your products and generate traffic to your online store. We understand website optimisation for Google Search and the immense value in supporting your brand launch with paid search placements.

Building a strong online brand requires fully integrated and optimised, concurrent digital advertising support, often with paid engagement from influencers and with offsite events to build initial engagement and online content. We can help to plan and execute this alongside your internal team.

It all starts with a powerful, single-minded idea that resonates with your chosen audience segments. Without an idea that touches hearts and heads, your ‘advertising’ is simply design. We can provide and test novel creative concepts and ideas with you.

Here’s a recent pre-launch campaign we created for The Southern Clothing Co. It kicked off in early November 2020 to announce a coming ‘indulgent casualwear’ range, inspired, designed and manufactured in the South Island in a radical departure from the trend towards South Asian ‘cut & sew’ shops.

Our job is to align the South apparel brand with the million loyal mainlanders who rightfully deserve to wear the South brand on their wear-at-home comfort clothes. This campaign pre-announced the range, ahead of a cross-platform attraction campaign that will drop with the digital storefront and the first collection. Classic brand advertising utilising social media channels.

Old School Advertising

Our Patchwork founders grew up with old-school ads. So we’re well-placed to work with you on planning, creative direction and execution for traditional advertising channels including television, radio, print and magazine. We’re mates with some of New Zealand’s top creative, copywriting, art direction, design and production teams with decades of advertising experience (we worked alongside them for years). This means you get fresh international creative without the big city price tag. Our low overheads, lean structure and many, many years of advertising industry experience make us the right choice for your South Island Advertising Agency.


We like to shop local at Patchwork.

We hope that our customers will shop with us, and we want to return the favour. All things being equal, we’ll use local partners every time. We’re excited about the world-class qualities we are seeing in the work from leading local photographers, video producers, some really great designers who are committed to operating local businesses. As a South Island Advertising Agency, we also want to promote and use our clients’ products and services.

We’re finding some creative ways to do this – bringing together collaborations between complimentary clients, leveraging shared databases where multiple parties agree to cooperate, and encouraging suppliers and clients to work together without us as an intermediary step. We don’t want to get in the way where we’re not useful, and particularly we don’t want to ‘clip the ticket’ on any supplier activity. We think this is pretty rare, even unique, in the national advertising scene. It simply means better working relationships, higher levels of trust, reduced client costs and fair remuneration for suppliers.

We hope this philosophy works for our suppliers and clients alike. We know it works for us to shop local, and partner up for everyone’s benefit. 


Contract designers, art/video directors and photographers

If you wish to submit links and your profile for our consideration for future advertising projects, please feel free to email us. We will respond to your request in a prompt and honest manner.


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