We’re giving you choice.

Patchwork can support your marketing team with digital campaigns, or even be your local out-of-office digital marketing manager.



Digital Advertising in the South Island

If you are planning to establish an online store, you can either manage your online advertising in-house, or you’ll need a digital marketing services partner.

Google Search with Patchwork 

Before undertaking any paid search advertising, we can first help you to optimise your website keywords, keyword phrases and natural search ranking in Google. This may involve creating or modifying landing pages within your website to maximise search visibility and advertising effectiveness.

Read our page on Google Search with Patchwork to get a better idea about what’s involved and our role. 

If you’re considering an in-house or external contractor, or even appointing an agency or web company, please consider Patchwork as an alternative option. We can work remotely to plan, execute and report on your digital marketing. We’ll provide upfront advice that might save you thousands of dollars. We can work as your out-of-office digital marketing manager. We can manage every aspect of your digital advertising in the South Island.

Online Advertising

We have been placing Google Ads for as long as they have been running so we know their business model, understand the algorithms (as much as one can be expected to!) and know how to set up keywords, ad groups, schedules, partner advertising, and the other technical aspects of running campaigns within Google Ads.

Facebook Ads with Patchwork

Running display advertising on Facebook Ads and on Instagram (as sponsored posts) is also core business for us. We can create effective content, craft punchy copy, plan and execute an online campaign within your marketing budget.

Having a well thought out landing page strategy is an important pre-campaign consideration. Serving ad groups to well-tuned, highly relevant landing pages will increase your clickthrough rate and reduce your cost per click.

Next, establishing an email (newsletter style) channel once you have directed potential customers to your site is a good way to extend the value of advertising and continue to communicate as your customers move through their buying cycle.

Setting up custom re-marketing campaigns or email re-marketing campaigns is a good way to track potential customers’ buyer behaviour and provide incentives to generate sales. Optimising your site for the consumer buying cycle is also important so think about setting up new pages and incentives to return as they consider their brand choices.

Our focus is on securing the right to sell our clients’ products. We believe in gaining buyer preference. This reduces the need to sell on price by discounting, but rather to find the customers who are engaged and ready to buy what you have to sell. We can that ‘brand preference’. Then it’s over to you to complete your sales cycle.

Google Ads with Patchwork

If all this sounds feasible for you, let’s have a coffee and a chat. Our advice from decades of advertising agency experience, especially in digital advertising, is sure to be helpful even if we don’t eventually end up taking on an assignment together.

We have collectively amassed decades of hands-on digital advertising and online e-commerce experience, working for companies such as Kiwibank, Trade Me, Mitsubishi, Meridian Energy, Caltex, Air New Zealand, Suzuki, Panasonic and many other national and local brands.

We can do everything from buying your domain to hosting your e-commerce site. All in-house. We have the right team to handle your digital advertising in the South Island and we’re taking on selected boutique digital marketing assignments, all at regionally adjusted pricing of course!

Feel free to ask us to outline our digital advertising credentials and what we think we could do for you. We think you’ll be impressed! If you are willing to share your vision and goals with us, we’re happy to give you some no-charge advice. And if you would like our assistance to plan and place your digital advertising, we’re up for the challenge and we’re ready to help.