You’re in safe hands.

Our team has spent decades creating online campaigns and websites for New Zealand’s largest advertisers and smallest startups. We’re now ready to work for you.


The Patchwork team grows brands through preference.

From online campaigns and websites for New Zealand’s largest national advertisers and smallest startups, our team has spent decades learning our craft. This means quick results and efficient delivery for you.

We’ve led fast-growing provincial and national advertising agencies, been headhunted to run the New Zealand branch of an illustrious international advertising agency and we’ve run our own shop.  We undertaken many regional and local brand campaigns, built terabytes of websites, crafted screeds of pithy marketing content and sold many millions of dollars of products and services for our clients. We’ve taken tiny fighter brands through to national sales leadership.

We’ve represented our industry in awards, on boards and pitched and won dozens of new accounts. In our time client-side, we’ve invested in campaigns ourselves, We know the nerves associated with kicking off an advertising campaign. And the need for trusted partners.

Now settled in the South, Patchwork is focused on delivering innovative campaigns for mainland businesses and organisations. We’re working with some exciting local companies on branding and e-commerce, search marketing and idea marketing. It’s invigorating selling to the world from the South Island. We love it.

We are happy to meet to discuss how we can work with you on your marketing strategy, online campaigns and website delivery.


Some clients & brands we’ve delivered for.

We’ve run online campaigns and websites for New Zealand clients just like you.

We currently work with a small group of local brands, some who have just started their new business and are seeking someone to support their entire online marketing effort, alongside larger regional businesses and national corporates.

For startups, we typically work with them on a simple plan, and a master list (one page) of priorities which we progressively work through with them. This includes a brand-centric content website, perhaps a Shopify store if they are making, importing or distributing products outside of the region.

We spend time working on their natural search position (Search Engine Optimisation or SEO) to maximise potential for clients to find them on the Internet.

Once we are all happy with the product and brand channels, we prepare a trial online advertising campaign using the obvious global and local digital ad platforms, fine-tuning their landing pages, and then rolling out re-marketing to target previous viewers on their online channels.

For our larger customers, we can quickly review the challenge at hand, draft a reverse brief and cost our concepts for approval, then dive straight into creative, production and reporting. We think you’ll enjoy our efficiency.

Think of us as your contract marketing team – with all the online search, advertising and web skills to just do the job at hand.

We’re interesting in working with a progressive southern wine label – a company who wants to sell wine online domestically and internationally, and will allow us to work with them on novel ideas. We’ve previously worked with large and boutique brands, and made/marketed some wine ourselves so we know the score. It’s tough and differentiating takes some bravery. Talk to us if you are willing to partner and break new ground.

We named the company Patchwork as we want to enjoy the lifestyle of living in the Top of the South and we have some online product categories we are keen to progress ourselves.

We definitely don’t want to be the biggest provider of digital marketing in the South. Rather, we believe we have some codified and tacit knowledge from our decades in the advertising industry and online campaigns. We want to share that experience. We figured it would be a shame not to benefit the local region now we’re back home.

We’re keen to give back to the mainland where we grew up and where we’ve decided to return to bring up family.

Please call or email to arrange a coffee and for us to share our credentials and background experience with you. We want to work with the best – and use our idea marketing to create highly successful online campaigns and websites for our New Zealand clients.

The hardest part of building websites.

We’ve built a lot of websites. Hundreds of them. The easy part is the actual ‘build’. The development part that shows online. This is the part that our customers see last. Weirdly, it’s often the bit they came to us to do first.

The hardest part is creating a wireframe and menu structure that works best for the viewers of the website. This user journey must always come first. This sets the website up for success.

Your website is your ‘always-on’ story-teller. Creating and sharing these stories is easy. But working out what stories to share and what to not share can be difficult.

We don’t get buried in process. We’re pretty pragmatic – we just dive in and get started. Getting the hardest bit out of the way first makes the rest of the process more enjoyable! We’d like to help you make your next web project fun too.