Search right and you will be found.

It’s pivotal to your entire online operation. Ranking well directly equates to traffic. Traffic equates to sales.


Optimise your Google Search with Patchwork.

Optimising your website for Google Search with Patchwork should happen well in advance of your site being designed and built. Identifying keywords (actually phrases), building landing pages and copy around these target phrases and designing your website with natural search as a priority will deliver significant downstream benefits.

We can help you with the critical planning steps to ensure you move carefully through the search minefield and don’t jeopardise your current search ranking with your new site or site refresh and in the case of a new startup, ensure you maximise your initial website launch period to build a strong early ranking. This becomes self-fulfilling as more potential customers find your site and investigate, driving it further up the ranks for the search terms they used.

Craft your keyword phrases when web copy is drafted.

It is vital to set your website pages up with keyword phrases that flow through your SEO title and description (shown within Google Search). This is led by the copy that we collectively craft for your pages and the search terms that we can provide through analysis of your existing site and via the tools that Google provides online.

With Patchwork’s expertise on your web project, your customers will be able to find you more easily, and Google will be able to more easily index your site pages and deliver some of their useful tools, such as featured snippets, or content grouping.
Google Ads with Patchwork

Please get us involved as early as possible. A few critical steps to consider: If you’re upgrading your website, make sure to remove from Google all old website pages no longer being used (the previous 301 redirection method is now obsolete). We can assist with this.

SEO before SEM

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an ongoing process as you learn more about the search terms used by visitors to your website, and as you see results arising from paid Search via Google Ads or Bing Ads (paid search known as SEM).

If you are targeting USA traffic, Bing Ads are very important. Please ask us to discuss this with you further. Bing can be more cost-effective to deliver your target audience than Google in some cases.

Partner Sites, PPC, Ad Groups & Other Search Jargon 

The world of paid search can be confusing. We can provide internal training if required, or simply run your paid search alongside you with frequent reporting and provision of analysis.

We set up a campaign in Ad Groups , collectively decide on the right structure for our ongoing campaigns, such as whether we want our advertising to appear on sites other than simply Google (or Bing), and how we will pay Google such as via pay per click (PPC) and whether to include multiple links and phone numbers in our search ads.

We can show you the difference in traffic volumes and quality of results between using exact matches to our Ad Group phrases and using broad search terms. We will set up and run some trial campaigns, and then you can decide whether to take it all in-house, or continue to utilise our services – we are completely comfortable either way.

Landing Pages

As we progress through your initial Search advertising, a requirement for other landing pages, or tweaks to copy and links within existing landing pages might become necessary. Providing access to Patchwork your website content management system to Patchwork could be useful to ensure we can optimise your site and search advertising together in an efficient manner.

These are just a few suggestions to help you. Choosing to optimise your Google Search with Patchwork will give you peace of mind that you are in safe hands. We have decades of experience in paid and natural Search advertising. We are here to help you.