Make your Social work for you.

Not the other way ’round! Cultivate positive, authentic conversations to enhance brand preference and sales.


Our Patchwork Guide to Community Management.

The time you invest in growing your social media channels is valuable to you, right? Building reach is time-consuming and costly. Think of your stable of social platforms as a brand asset that increases in value, the more it generates revenue for your business. Like other assets you own, your social media community needs regular maintenance and to be treated with the respect, this valuable group of influencers deserves.

Outsourcing or delegating your social conversations can increase the risk of reputational damage in turn reducing the value of your social media asset. 

To reduce this risk, ask us for our free community management guidelines for your staff. Implementing a shared-responsibility social media plan with your staff might be possible in your business.

Community Management Guidelines

YouTube is an important channel that deserves frequent and senior input. It’s always impressive to read comments and feedback written directly by the Managing Director or CEO on the company YouTube channel or another social media platform. 

YouTube Social Media Community Management

Equally impressive is a rockstar response from your most junior staffer. To help make this happen consistently, we’ve produced the Patchwork Guide to Community Management.

Imagine empowering your staff (yup, all of them, progressively of course. Ok, some of them …) to take over your company social media platforms and post, respond, answer questions and reflect the authentic tone and style of your brand.

Our Patchwork Guide to Community Management steps through how to respond, the language and tone plus a bunch of tips for how to converse on your social media platforms. Ask us for a free copy.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

If you’re looking for a good Social Media Images Sizes Cheat Sheet, there are loads of social media fanatics who aggregate all the up-to-date sizes and specs for the various social media platforms and pride themselves on keeping these lists up to date.

Try this one for starters, but check the specs against platform owner sites if you’re unsure.