Let us take the pain away from creating your next website or online store.

After a couple of decades building content and campaign sites as New Zealand digital and ecommerce leaders, we’ve got this.


Stress-free website development in Blenheim and the South Island.

Our founders have been building websites since 2001 and working with CMS templates from WordPress since 2006 and Silverstripe since they launched. We have built over 100 websites for big and small businesses, brands and campaigns. We are happy to build in any of the major CMS and happy to recommend the best approach for your online needs. Now in 2022, we work mainly in Shopify and with modern, flexible content management systems like Craft CMS.

In 2021, we created, customised and refurbished Shopify sites including Ketz-ke & Leo+Be (fashion labels), Rapaura Springs (wine company), iStyle (fashion styling) and Love & Glory (NZ women’s apparel), integrated each with Klaviyo marketing automation.

If you need an e-commerce function, Patchwork is a qualified Shopify Partner providing local Shopify store customisation with additional services such as MailChimp integration or more advanced Klaviyo marketing automation.

Regardless of the technology we work in, we can help you plan your website to incorporate tiered landing pages and keyword-rich phrases that we’ll use to drive traffic to your site. There’s no point having a website than no-one visits right?!

Planning suitable copy with headlines (H1/H2 inline with search descriptions), in tandem with some initial paid Google Search can take a little time to get right. We’re happy to work collaboratively with you on copywriting as part of your website design and development in the South Island.

Developing a clear specification and site objectives is a good first phase. Incorporating SEO targets from the outset is vital so part of phase one also.

Most importantly is building for organic search as this will bring in new customers, put you in the choice set for client purchases, and rank you above your competitors over time. As digital marketers, we understand the power of search engine optimisation (SEO) and the need to carefully plan your website to maximise organic search. Beautiful design and photography is important, but tagging each image is often overlooked. We value structured landing pages, optimising copy and tags for keyword search terms, undertaking regular analysis with the vast suite of Google tools, and then crafting great copy and tantalising images that stimulate customer engagement once they’ve arrived on the site. Without getting there, the form factor in website design is simply irrelevant!

We have a proven methodology to quickly improve your website ranking in Google Search and can show you examples of new startups that quickly rank in the top 2-3 on page one in their key search categories. Undertaking this at the point of designing your website and crafting web copy is the most efficient process to create an effective online presence.

Once the site is ready to launch (or re-launch) we can help you drive customer engagement by creating searchable content that is profiled through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and as social media content. We can help with campaigns, competitions and celebrations to build customer preference – as much or as little as you wish for.

If you are planning an ecommerce site, or currently have a site to sell your goods or services online that you want to ramp up further, please talk to us. If you want a locally-based Shopify developer, we can be your implementation partner.

We’re prepared to discuss ways to collaborate with brand new startups, to work alongside local brands and companies who want to build online sales channels and sell to the outside world.

The first step is to meet for coffee and see if we can assist you. We only want to provide straight-up, practical take-home value that generates sales and profits for you. Feel free to ask us to outline our credentials and what we think we could do for you. Share your vision and goals. We’re up for a challenge and we’re ready to help.

Ahead of our meeting, we recommend scanning the following checklist to help you prepare for your website project.

Website Checklist

We can help you to work through your website requirements. Let’s meet and go through this short list. We can quickly and simply establish your domain, hosting and offer a simple site solution to get you up and running.

  • What jobs do you want the website to do?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Do you have any existing copy and images or are we starting from scratch?
  • Do you have a logo?
  • Do you want to sell stuff online or just promote?
  • Do you have a domain name or hosting commitments already?
  • Will we need a photographer to prepare product images?
  • Make a quick list of possible search terms (check what your terms your competitors rank best for – we can help to do this)
  • Conduct a content audit (quantities/prices/links)
  • Decide on the right technology – do you need a CMS such as Silverstripe or WordPress?
  • Optimise all images on your website
  • Set up a base site and install Google analytics tools (Tag Manager, etc)
  • If heading down the Shopify route, review our Shopify website platform plan
  • Draft a pre-launch marketing plan
  • Prepare any support launch advertising collateral
  • Prepare any announcements, links and content for your social media platforms
  • Complete your launch marketing communications

Patchwork is your one-stop-web-shop. We are your partner for website design and development in Marlborough and across the South Island. Feel free to call, email or message us to arrange a time to talk through how we could work together.



Shopify and Patchwork can create your online store. You will sell more. It’s that easy.

With a combined 30+ years of experience, some might consider us experts in implementing the power of digital marketing for businesses and leveraging online platforms. We’re just pleased to bring our solid, practical experience in Digital Marketing into local companies to help grow the local economy.

The Patchwork founders are southern locals, who studied and worked outside of our region, primarily in digital marketing and ecommerce. Now based in the Mainland again and bringing up family here, we can offer ‘big agency’ expertise in website design and development, all in a straight-up, no-frills way. With all the advanced online tools at our disposal, we have everything in-house to launch, expand, enhance and promote your Shopify store or your online presence.Patchwork is a Shopify Partner

Our knowledge of e-commerce trends, functionality, customer behaviour and design means we can quickly deliver a live solution at a great price. Over recent years, we’ve helped many businesses transform under performing sites to an all-out sales boom just by improving their online shopping experience and setting up some solid search advertising and re-marketing channels.

We have also set up online stores for businesses that have never had an e-commerce channel before. This means quick results for you. We recommend Shopify and are a certified Shopify Partner.

Please read our Shopify Store Launch Checklist if you are planning to open an online shopfront or need Shopify website development in Blenheim (or anywhere in the South Island!). We can help you plan and launch or upgrade and modernise your Shopify store and its functionality.

Give us a call, or send a message via the form on our Contact page. We’re happy to meet to outline our offering, share our credentials and discuss your business plans. We want to bring fresh thinking to website design and development. We can optimise your website with the best keyword search phrases to maximise your natural search ranking, and create efficiencies when running campaigns in Google Ads.




Patchwork designs, builds and provides tightly written content and images for your next website. We are a Shopify Partner. For happy and stress-free website development in Blenheim, Marlborough and across the South Island, call Martha on 027 264 3193 anytime.