We’re your Fashion Marketing Partners.

We understand how to drive sales for your online fashion store. We know Shopify, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and can create Google, Instagram and Facebook Ads that will drive traffic to your shop.


Fashion Ecommerce: How to Drive Sales to your online Store.

We work with fashion brands to revolutionise digital marketing and online sales.

Let’s work together to increase your revenue and profitability in a short space of time. 

Right now, fashion brands need to reduce reliance on wholesale and ‘bricks and mortar’ retail and proportionately grow direct-to-consumer sales online. This is critical in another lockdown situation but also increasingly expected as more New Zealanders become comfortable with online shopping. 

At Patchwork, we specialise in ecommerce and digital marketing for fashion brands and the apparel industry. We’ve caused incredible lifts in revenue and profitability for the clothing labels and brands we work with, through targeted reach, loyalty programs, vastly improved cart recovery rates, retargeted advertising, segmented/targeted email communications, content marketing, social media advertising, email automations, Google ads and data-driven decisions for the business.

Email marketing is one of the most important tools for fashion brands. We can set you up to do that as well or better than any of your competitors. It’s not about blasting emails to everyone every day (unsubscribe alert) but targeted, clever campaigns that people click and shop from. Don’t have a strong email list – no problem we’ll help you grow one!

How we can help

  • Shopify website development for fashion brands – we’re very good at this!
  • Facebook Shopping Channel integration
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing – best in the business
  • Google Ads and Google Shopping Channel
  • Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Influencer engagement and customer referral marketing 
  • Targeted content marketing
  • Growing your email list
  • Creative campaigns and ads
  • Email automations like abandoned cart emails and back in stock notifications


A Quick Win

You know when you visit a website and suddenly you see their ads everywhere? On Facebook and Instagram and when your browsing other websites. You can do that too – it’s called retargeting and we’ll set it up for you!  That’s just one trick – we have a whole bag of those…



How to work with us 

  • We’re very flexible and can do as much or as little as you like but here’s what we recommend:
  • Face-to-face (zoom is fine) workshop to understand your brand
  • Brand positioning, audience, competitors, opportunities and a prioritised ‘to-do’ list/strategy
  • We’ll implement all the agreed deliverables for you, whether that’s copywriting, advertising, Shopify website build, Facebook shop integration, loyalty scheme set up…whatever you need to sell clothing online better than your competitors
  • Create, set up and run ads and email marketing
  • Maintenance or handover

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